New car

With Muriel having originally been purchased as a £400 “eBay special” play car, and upgraded over the years, we recently came to the conclusion it would be nice to have another play car. Something less valuable and less precious than Muriel was desired, and an MG ZR 160 VVC happened to come up at the right time for the right price.

We had an MG ZR (albeit a 1400) in our household until last year when Matt got a company car, so driving one again felt a familiar experience, with just a lot more power than we were previously used to.

We bought the car at 1pm on Saturday, and by Saturday evening had entered and paid for a car trial so we could compete in the new car asap. Saturday afternoon was spent sorting out some little bits and pieces on the car, such as removing the skirts (an optional extra and too low for trialling) and a noisy rear offside brake (the wear indicator, with plenty left on the pads) as well as taping/identifying the earth leads, checking fluids and other basic prep work. The car was packed up on Saturday evening ready for our first event, which I’ll write about in a separate blog post.

We decided to let our three year old niece, Elouise, name the new car and “Minnie the MG” is now the new member of our household.


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