Marshalling on The Preston

The Preston was the first ever Road Rally I competed on, but not one I had marshalled on. As someone who loves a good night’s sleep, I was relieved to find the forecast was considerably warmer than I expected so it would be sleep deprivation not sleep deprivation and cold to fight with (although, as I have been heard to say before, there is no such thing as it being too cold, only being inadequately dressed…).

It’s a couple of hours drive from ours to the start and once we had signed on we headed off for dinner before catching up with friends. Our first control was less than ten minutes from the start location, so we arrived in plenty of time and got set up. It was good to be marshalling on an event where all crews were friendly and said thanks for being there.

After our first control closed, it was a 25 minute drive to our second location. We arrived and got set up, and I said I would stay in the car whilst Matt was out at the control location. Half an hour later I woke up, and then it was all go for our second control. Matt was at the control location the whole time so everything was covered, but I hadn’t quite expected to nod off! The gaps in the field were getting a little greater by the time of our second control, but we saw everyone we were expected to, and that was it.

We’d decided to do two controls rather than three due to the distance/other things on and felt we were still giving something back to motor sport, which we take so much from. We made it home around 0430 and snatched a few hours sleep before waking up to check the results, and carrying on with the rest of our weekend. Would I go back? Yes, I would…


Testing head torches on the night…



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