2017 Results

31st January – CMC MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages – 1st in class, 38th overall (co-driving) – first ever stage rally class win!

3rd February – Boundless by CSMA 12 Car – 4th in class, 8th overall (navigating)

19th February – AMSC Snetterton Stage Rally – 5th in class, 51st overall (co-driving)

24th February – CMC Tendring Hundred 12 Car – 4th in class, 7th overall (navigating for Luis Gutierrez-Diaz)

3rd March – Boundless by CSMA 12 Car – 2nd in class, 4th overall (driving)

17th March – CMC March Hare 12 Car – 3rd in class, 6th overall (navigating for Luis Gutierrez-Diaz)

25th March – Bristol MC Great Western Sprint, Castle Combe – 3rd in class, 74th overall

1st/2nd April – SDMC 20/20, Kent – 6th in class, 18th overall (driving)

13th April – SDMC Scatter, Kent – 4th overall

17th April – SROC Tyro Trial – 2nd in class, 2nd overall

23rd April – Oxford MC Autosolo – 3rd in class, 13th overall

27th April – SDMC Grass Autotest, Brands Hatch – 6th in class, 21st overall

29th April – CCC Corinium Stages, Down Ampney – 2nd in class, 39th overall

7th May – WAC/GBMC/MCAC Targa Rally – 6th in class, 8th overall (navigating) and 5th in class, 24th overall (driving)

9th July – Boundless by CSMA Autotest, Bedfordshire – 7th in class, 7th overall and Best Beginner

30th July – Oxford MC Autotest, Oxfordshire – 6th in class, 15th overall

28th August – Chelmsford MC, Wethersfield Stages – DNF new gearbox, clutch and engine required!

24th September – Chelmsford MC, The One & Only Complete Rally Services Targa Rally – 4th in class, 17th overall (navigating)

1st October – Oxford MC, Boanerges PCA at Finmere – 5th in class, 5th overall

20th October – CMC Priestley 12 Car – 1st in class, 4th overall (navigating)

5th November – CMC Bonfire Targa Rally – 6th in class, 7th overall (navigating) and 2nd in class, 12th overall (driving)

9th/10th December – MCAC/TMSC Rockingham Stage Rally – 1st in class, 23rd overall (co-driving)

30th December – VCRR Winter Classic – 6th in class, 18th overall (driving)