A hard night on the maps

Winning the Oxford MC 12 Car in December was a surprise, and whilst a pleasant one, the downside was for some events it now makes me an Expert navigator; not an adjective I would use to describe my navigational skills!

We entered the Boundless 12 Car in the MG ZR, and traffic was kind to take us to Hertfordshire. “Envelopes at controls” i.e. opening the navigational instructions at each control was a new concept for me, and with the benefit of hindsight, it was probably my inexperience and lack of “match fitness” that meant it wasn’t the best night I’ve had on the maps (this 3rd February event was my second 12 car in a little over six years). A couple of bits of navigation I struggled with (herringbones have never been a strong point for me) and unfortunately being somewhat rusty I took too long at each control to plot the navigation.

The navigation worked, and any fault/struggles were simply my own, but it was one of the harder events I have done. However, we weren’t last and Hertfordshire certainly offers some nice roads. Until the next 12 Car…


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