Back driving on a 12 Car!

Having recently returned to 12 cars, we decided it was time for Matt to navigate and I would drive after a few years away from sitting in those respective seats. Boundless by CSMA were running a 12 Car starting half an hour from home and it seemed a good opportunity.

After purchasing another map (we really don’t have the right areas and/or latest editions!) we headed to the start. I hadn’t driven the MG for some months so I drove it to the start just to get used to the car again. Signed on etc, it was time to head into the Hertfordshire lanes.

Matt was cracking the nav quite quickly, and with the exception of a “yellow yellow yellow” section which I helped him with, it felt like we were going well and not dropping too much time. It was a wet night, and coming into one control the wipers were making a horrific noise. We stopped and fixed them, which thankfully lasted the night.

Come the finish, we were 2nd in class and 4th overall which was a very pleasing result and good practise for the 20/20 in April.

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