Six cent metre, quatre-vingt dix gauche…

Another Friday, another 12 Car! This time it was back into the left hand seat to navigate for Luis Gutierrez-Diaz again, as his normal navigator was unavailable. Unfortunately, this 12 Car was again the other side of Colchester so over 100 miles for me just to the start.

This event had some pre plot, so scrutineering and signing on completed it was time for a quick dinner and completing the pre plot information (quiet zones and black spots). There wasn’t much spare time and before we knew it, it was time to head off. This time, Luis was in charge of sweet purchases.

This 12 Car was probably the most enjoyable I have done recently, which was in a large part due to me getting back into 12 Cars and getting better at cracking navigation. I tried to plot and bash to save time, and it showed on our timecard; 1 minute dropped here, no time there, etc. When I managed to get two sections plotted during one section, I was particularly pleased! We had no wrong slots and no getting lost, so we felt like it had gone well. However, the French electrics were being somewhat temperamental and there seemed to be no logic as to what they were (or weren’t) doing. As the car was running and we had lights, we decided to continue.

As Luis is Spanish, his English hymn knowledge is somewhat lacking so passing churches gave me the opportunity to educate him. It also turns out he can speak some French (and my school girl French just about passes), and it was childishly fun for an English and Spanish person to be communicating in French on the final section. Maybe you had to be there…

At the finish, I was delighted with 1F and 14 minutes putting us 3rd in class and 6th overall. Whilst disappointing to drop a board, it made no difference to the class position and only one place overall (and the dropped board was due to a plotting error by myself).

It may be some time until I’m out on a 12 Car again as the lighter nights start, so it was a good finish and result.

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