A wet Brands Hatch autotest

Matt had entered the MG ZR in the Brands Hatch autotest, and rather than spend the evening home alone I thought why not join in too… The autotests are very popular and I was lucky to get an entry.

The events have a strict curfew of 8pm so it was a bit of a rush when we got there. It was a very damp night and my first two attempts at tests were poor with understeer and sloppy handbrake turns, but things then started to improve as I remembered how to drive on wet grass! Some tests Matt was quicker than me, but others we matched on (or I beat him!).

Unfortunately, I received a cone penalty for a test I’d done badly on first time round (it was one of the first tests I’d done), and that cost me a couple of places in class. But, it was enjoyable to be competing on a Thursday evening for a low entry fee and seat time is all good practise.

Watch a video from one of the tests on YouTube.


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