My first ever Tyro Trial

I’m lucky enough that I’ve managed to compete in most disciplines of motor sport, but a 4X4 trial was a new event for me. With Southern Rover Owners’ Club running a taster Tyro Trial (beginners trial) on Easter Monday, I managed to borrow a 90 inch Land Rover and enter my first 4X4 trial.

Things got off to a good start, with a 0 (a clear) on the first section which included a hub finish, a new thing to myself. The aim is to drive as far through a course as possible, starting at a 12 and with numbers going down. The further you get, the lower your score, but you cannot hit any of the course numbers on the way through or else that will be your score. If you get all the way through the twisty, challenging and often muddy sections, you “clean” it i.e. receive a score of 0.

Starting on a 0 in a vehicle I wasn’t used to driving was good, and it was on to the next section. This time, it was my turn to go first; the club rotates during the day who goes first on each section so whilst I was first on the second section of the day, I was last on other sections. We cleaned the second section too, so things were going well.

Section three was a tricky one, and I scored a one which I was disappointed in. You needed to finish with the nose of the Land Rover against the tree for a 0, and I didn’t quite have it in far enough; I suspect if it had been my own vehicle I would have been more confident but not fully knowing the length and being conscious of putting someone else’s Land Rover into a tree, I was a little cautious.

The rest of the day went well and, whilst tricky, I managed to clean all of the sections. It left me wishing that I had known about these events when we had a Series 1 Land Rover, but we didn’t. It was my best ever score on a trial (having previously done car trials) and a good way to round off the Easter weekend.

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