VCRR Winter Classic

To round off 2017, the VCRR Winter Classic was my final event of the season. A day section comprising of regularity and jogularity followed by a night regularity over Salisbury Plain was going to make for a challenging event! Brian Cammack was in the left hand seat for the first time.

We needed to be down by Warminster for 0930 so it was an early start, leaving mine just after 7. We made it down, passed noise and scrutineering, and signed on. There was plenty of pre-plot which kept Brian busy before we headed off on the first regularity.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any regularity or jogularity but after a first section of settling in, we got into it and got a good rhythm (yes, at 26mph average and other similar speeds but you get the idea) and communication going. The route chose some picturesque country side lanes through an area I’m not that familiar with, although did compete on many years ago.

Getting to the coffee/dinner halt was a relief, but we knew after that things would get harder, which they did; it was off to Salisbury Plain! We had a few pauses and checking we were on the right of many tracks, but it started off well before going downhill. We ended up cutting route but finishing was a result in itself, so a good finish to the year,


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