2018 Results

31st January – CMC MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages – 5th in class, 53rd overall (driving)

10th February – SMC/BRMC Phil Collings Memorial South Downs Stages, Goodwood – 9th in class, 43rd overall (driving)

23rd March – Chelmsford MC March Hare 12 Car – 1st in class, 2nd overall (navigating)

12th April – Sevenoaks & District MC Scatter – 4th overall (driving)

5th May – Cirencester Car Club Corinium Stages, Down Ampney – 5th in class, 33rd overall (driving)

20th May – Chelmsford MC Javalin’s Jumbo Targa, Wethersfield – 9th in class, 15th overall (navigating) and 6th in class, 25th overall (driving)

10th June – Abingdon Carnival Stage Rally – 10th in class, 43rd overall

24th June – West Suffolk MC Midsummer Debden Targa Rally – 5th in class, 7th overall (navigating) and 3rd in class, 17th overall (driving)