Why am I tackling the London Marathon?

Why is someone who doesn’t work out anywhere near enough and loves sport but isn’t particularly active tackling the London Marathon?

I will be undertaking the marathon to raise money for Marie Curie.

In 2009, my Father in Law Mike was told he had terminal cancer and had a very short time left (less than two weeks). Matt and I were engaged at the time, and with thanks to a huge number of people from friends, family and strangers, and particularly to Sarah Manston who told us we could do it/gave us the info needed, we arranged our wedding in 24 hours. It was more important for us to have our close family there if possible, than to have the “big white wedding.” We were married on 19th August 2009, and sadly Mike passed away three days later.

Mike had decided he wanted to be at home for his last days, but there was a point where extra support was needed and that’s when Marie Curie stepped in. Their support was invaluable, and quite simply for that reason I want to raise funds for them to help support others who find themselves in a similar situation. Marie Curie provide help and support to those with terminal illness, we all hope we won’t need them but if we do, it’s vital help and support is there for those in need.

Those close to me know “our story,” and some people spot we have two sets of wedding photographs (where I have two white dresses, and different coloured hair!) but this is the first time I’ve really spoken about it. It’s important to me, but it’s not something I’ve ever felt the need to discuss but having decided to tackle the marathon now is the time!

Click here to sponsor me – thank you for your support!

Suze Marathon


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