Training – my first 5k!

Training for the London Marathon started before Christmas, but I’d not done more than 2k/3k every other day to build up some miles in my legs having gone from doing absolutely nothing. People talk about doing Park Runs and the like but having only ever done one 5k in my life, back in 2010, I knew I needed to up my distance and see what time I could do i.e. would I be last/keeping everyone from going home if I go to do a Park Run!

Friday lunchtime I decided was time to tackle 5k and see if I could do it. I’m still power walking with some limited jogging intervals, because going from nothing to marathon distance is a bit of an ask! I knew I’d head out towards the train station and new estate, but I didn’t quite get the route right with a bit of doubling back on myself to up the distance. I found the park and river paths still flooded which was a shame, because they are good to use.

It wasn’t the best time in the world at all, but to have got out there and done 5k was pleasing. Plan is to rest Saturday and Sunday, and do 5k again on Monday!

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