Second training 5k

Having completed my first 5k on Friday, I wanted to try 5k again on Monday lunchtime. I completed the distance on Friday but had a few aches afterwards and wasn’t fully keen on the route – doubling up a couple of bits of it to up the distance wasn’t ideal and I wanted to find a better loop.

My idea of “finding a better route” doesn’t involve anything useful like looking at a map, just a sense of distance and heading out with my trainers on! Aside from having to do 150m in the wrong direction and double back (which I got wrong, as I ended up doing 5.1km but that’s what you get for my random approach!) it worked much better.

It’s funny how much I’m enjoying getting out and about, and again a lunchtime session was just enough to break up the working day and the fact I’ve got time to do 5k, have a quick shower and bite to eat and get back to work is brilliant.

I’m still not quick at all; I know people will be almost doing 10k in my 5k time. But for me, the key thing is I’m getting out there and doing it having previously done nothing. I’ve been told I have collapsed arches and I tried some insoles today to deal with that. The result was I couldn’t jog because it caused shin pain, so perhaps they are not the solution.

In terms of PBs, I was two seconds of my 1km best time but I took quite a bit off my average pace per km (19 seconds quicker per km than Friday) but I also felt much better when I got back. Working away this week will make things harder, but I plan to be out on Saturday and hopefully to squeeze in a session ideally on Wednesday evening.

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