From 5k to 5 miles!

The training plan I’m following for the marathon has two short runs a week, with a long run at weekends. The current long runs at weekend are time rather than distance based, but due to my interval-ing and slow speed I shall always be aiming for distance.

The week two long run was a time of 65 minutes, so definitely the longest I’ve done to date! I had in my head that I wanted to reach 5 miles, which was a reasonable increase on the 5k I’ve achieved so far as my shorter training distances. I didn’t manage that within the 65 minutes, but I did reach the 5 miles.

The key thing for me was that it felt comfortable and didn’t feel too much of a step up from having just reached 5k. Yes, I’m still mostly power walking with some jogging but the jogging is increasing and I’m building up the miles in my legs, which is what is needed!

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