Training interruptions

So, week three training and a bit of an interrupted week! It started off well with a 5k after work on Tuesday evening which was my quickest yet. My plan was to get my second 5k of the week done on Friday morning before work, but having stepped out the front door I found everything was covered in ice. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk, because it was pretty likely I’d end up on the floor and it simply wasn’t worth it.

We were away on Friday night, so for the first time I hit a treadmill to get miles in by using the hotel gym. I was trying out my new trainers as I need to start breaking in another pair. It was interesting how much quicker it is on a treadmill – but how much more boring too! There was more running than in previous sessions which was good and the right way forward. I didn’t quite go to 5k, I was conscious I was rallying the next day and didn’t want to overdo it.

The plan was to do five miles on Sunday morning, and I set my alarm to get up and get out before heading to football in Southampton. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling up to it for various reasons including the start of a cold. I’ve read various opinions on whether you should push through or rest until you feel better and I decided to rest. Not ideal because I need to get the miles in but I’m feeling rather lethargic and bunged up so fingers crossed for later in the week!

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