Up to 10km…

Having missed a couple of 5kms and my long session last week due to feeling under the weather, needing to up my distance for this week’s session was always going to be a tough ask! My plan had a distance of 6-8 miles for this week and I would rather have hit the middle distance, but I decided to go for 10km (6.2 miles) as that’s still a long way from where I’ve come from (nothing!).

I found the session frustrating because missing a couple of sessions hurt and I could feel it. It was probably my least favourite session to date; wind, rain, headphones that died early on and strava failing to record really frustrated me. I like to know my km splits and I’ll put more effort in accordingly (my competitive side coming out!) so I didn’t enjoy the session at all.

I got round though and did it, so that’s what really matters! Next week is a shorter distance and whilst I want to push on apparently rest weeks are important as your body adjusts, so I’ll stick to the plan and follow the advice of the experts.

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