Phil Collings Memorial South Downs Stages

A few weeks after Brands Hatch it was time to head to Goodwood. Matt and I have both driven there before, but not for a while as we have helped and tried to put something back for the last couple of years. It would have helped us in 2017 to have competed as it was and still is a round of both championships we’re doing, so we decided to enter in 2018.

Richard and Emma Olsen offered to service for us as they were heading to the event, which was great as it took a little pressure off us again. At Goodwood, noise, scrutineering and signing on are all held on the morning of the event so it was an early start to get to the circuit. Once completed, it was time for the competitor briefing and then out for SS1.

The first stages of the dry were damp but no ice, so it was rally slicks to start with. It was good to be back in the car, on an event that felt quite different to Brands – there are more faster, flowing sections than Brands Hatch with various chicanes etc around the stage.

The whole day went fairly well with us without any major errors in either seat, but the pace simply wasn’t there disappointingly. It started to rain heavily part way through the day so we changed to wets, and I seemed to lose a fair bit of time on these next two stages where I guess at the time I didn’t have full confidence in the car/my ability behind the wheel!

Whilst my pace was disappointing, being back out competing again so soon and with a bit more confidence and seat time under my belt was good, and I still enjoyed the day. I compete for fun and know some of what I’d do differently next time if the same event was to run tomorrow! Goodwood is always a very social event so it was good to catch up with friends too who had come to watch.

You can view onboards from our event here. We filmed both day and night stages, and one films our faces/helmets instead of the view out of the car as something a little different!


Photos thanks to M&H Photography

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