Marathon training update

It seems as if it’s been a little while since I’ve posted a marathon update on here. I posted a few weeks ago about “training interruptions” and that hasn’t changed! I’ve got some 5ks in but missed my long session last weekend. A day rallying at Goodwood and then a day away for work were good but kept me busy, and unfortunately I’ve not shrugged off the cold I commented on almost a month ago.

I decided to listen to my body rather than push on this week, and I got worse but thankfully now seem to be getting better. Whilst I’ve not had any time off work, anyone who knows me well will tell you when I’m refusing dinner and down to two meals a day and in bed at 9pm more than once in a week something is not normal! I’ve a weekend of “home time” this weekend and an eight miler planned for Sunday so should be back on track/back on plan imminently. And hopefully over the worst of whatever this lingering bug is!

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