Sunday long session – training continues! (8 miles).

Having missed some sessions with a bug/virus, today was time for my longest session to date… 8 miles! I need to start working out how I’m going to fuel and hydrate on the day so I decided to try something I’d seen suggested online; small pieces of cut up hot cross bun.

I decided to try a new route having put various plans and routes into google maps, and settled for heading out into the lanes for the first time. I decided for the distance, this would be easier than going to the other side of town and back, and I’d not managed to find a route where Matt could drop me and I could make my own way home (without having to clamber across various grass verges).

Strava has my route as 8.08 miles (13km) whilst google maps has it as nearly 10.5 miles. I’m not quite sure which to believe but I’m going to go with Strava aka the shorter distance to be on the safe side. Everything felt good until just over halfway through when my hip “went;” I can only describe every step after that as feeling as if something in my hip was grating. I had a few other aches and pains but nothing major, but after this my pace dropped off.

Refuelling worked, and I’m pleased to have hit the distance. I’ve had a good stretching and foam roller session since getting back so I’ll ice and heat later (the car accident taught me how beneficial that is, and I still have to do it on my back/shoulders/neck) and plan a recovery walk tomorrow and a 5k later in the week before the next long session next weekend.

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