Down but not out!

Some people have spotted I haven’t posted for a while, and the simple answer is… I’m not allowed to train!

Having done just over 11km a couple of weekends ago, I felt good. Two days later, on the Monday evening, I went out and did 5km; it was the quickest time I’d ever done with PBs for 0.5 mile, 1k and 2 miles and some other “second best” times.

Unfortunately doing that, I hurt my foot. I’m not sure when or how, but ever since even just walking or weight bearing has been painful. With the marathon so close, I had it checked out by my GP who sent me for an X-Ray to check there wasn’t a stress fracture. That came back clear, thankfully, and I was recommended to go to a physiotherapist.

I’m now seeing a physio twice a week but not allowed to train in the meantime. They’re not sure what’s wrong, but I’m having ultrasound treatment, have some stretches and exercises to do and have my foot all strapped up.

The physio, whilst unsure what the injury is, is happy there’s nothing too serious wrong but there’s clearly something not quite right. They’re happy they will get me to the start line and have told me just to be prepared that I may have to walk all/most of the marathon, but that I WILL complete it! Until then, I’m listening to their advice and have called many local gyms to see if I can get a one month gym membership in order to cross-train in the meantime! It’s really frustrating but I have to accept some of my aims in terms of running/times etc may have to be put on the back burner.

I’ve said it before, but many thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far – I really do appreciate it.

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