5km post injury

After nearly three weeks off and a clear x-ray, the physio treating me said I could do a test 5km on Good Friday.

I was a little apprehensive but took painkillers before going out (something I never do, but was told I should!) and my foot was all taped up. I got out there and whilst it was niggling things felt ok. My legs felt heavy and tired so I really need to find somewhere for a sports massage – three people I’ve used have closed/are ill and not working so I’m struggling a little to find somebody.

I took my normal 5km route and my splits were ok so I decided to keep pushing on. To get back and find I’d set PBs for everything bar the 400m was really good. It means “Long Run Sunday” is on so fingers crossed!

Just two more long runs planned and a major adjustment to my training plan after this injury is not ideal but it is what it is. In the meantime I’ll keep up with the taping and RICE (Rest Ice Compress Elevate) to hope my foot keeps me going.

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