Another two sessions (4km and 10km)

There’s a saying which is “nothing new on marathon day” and everybody knows you should have really broken trainers in before the big day. Due to my foot injury I was told I had to change trainers which is not ideal at all, but it was the best option and advice given my foot issues.

I went out and did 4km in my new trainers (in torrential rain!) just to try and break them in slightly and all was ok. I have also started “lock lacing” which is a technique to stop them from slipping which has also helped.

Having done 4km midweek, it was then time for 10km on Friday night. Ideally I would have gone further, but having had a sports massage in the week and various aches and pains I decided to balance the need for distance versus listening to my body and still getting out there. I completed my 10km (see below) and then had a quick shower, change and headed off to marshal on a 12 Car, so a busy afternoon off from work!

The plan now is to do a long session on Monday, and then just keep doing regular short distances before the big day itself. Not long to go now at all!

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