Visiting the Marathon Expo and the final (full kit!) run

So, this is it. The time is almost here!

Thursday evening saw me head straight from work to the London Marathon Expo at the Excel Centre. Every participant has to collect their number which was the first thing I did before having a quick look around (I only had 40 minutes between arriving and the Expo closing). I looked (and failed) for long shorts, picked up my number, goodie bag and a few other goodies, bought a couple of mementos and visited the Marie Curie stand. Getting there from the office meant driving through central London so seeing the road closure signs and various mile/km markers brought things home.

I managed to leave a message on the marathon wall as well, but ran out of time for a massage and to truly linger. It was however a great experience to visit and has made it seem so much more…real!

With the hot weather forecast, my original plan of running tights with shorts over them has been scrapped. I managed to get some knee length tight (cycling style) shorts today to go under my football shorts so, having my numbers and things as well, I wanted to do a full kit short run.

I only did 1km as I have done nothing during this tapering period (as I was advised after injury and having pushed back my last long run) but it was good to get out there. I was also trying a sun visor for the first time, had ironed my name on my shirt, used my kit/bum bag and had my number fastened to me as well as the new shorts. You can see in the below images I’ve had a few personalised things made up such as trainer tags and number holders too which I tried out.

The session was very short and sweet and felt good but the thing that really got me was a car full of women stopping next to me and cheering yelling “Go Girl!” What on earth is it going to be like on Sunday?!

For all the sponsorship, hugs, words of encouragement, everything… it really is a little overwhelming and I am so grateful. Now there’s just the little thing of 26.2 miles around London! It’s pasta and water from here on in…

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