No, I didn’t run a sub four hour marathon…

I’ve found this week an interesting experience in terms of most people being more concerned as to whether I finished or not, and a few asking about the time I completed the marathon in (and in some cases, surprise at it not being quicker). I shared in an earlier post that yes, I could have finished quicker, but I will always be happy I helped someone else and ensured we both got to the finish.

So, in response to “no, I didn’t run a sub four hour marathon, or hit the time I intended to,” it’s always good to remind myself of the following…

  • I went from little/no exercise to marathon finisher in a matter of months.
  • I did a 16 week training plan from scratch with 4/5 weeks off due to injury (including a week off due to a virus early in 2018).
  • I helped someone else finish who, from her thank you messages this week, doesn’t believe she would have finished if we hadn’t worked together.
  • Medically, I was told I could do the marathon but was not allowed to go for a time given I’m not fully recovered from my October (non-fault) car crash.
  • I’ve finished a marathon which only 1% of the world’s population have done.
  • I achieved something that many only dream of.
  • I ticked off something on my personal bucket list!
  • I’ve finished the London Marathon, one of the “big six” and my “home” marathon.
  • I completed the hardest physical and mental challenge of my life.
  • I raised a fantastic amount of money for Marie Curie, helping others who need support.

So, all in all, whilst the day didn’t go how I planned or expected… I’ll remind myself of the above!



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