Post marathon outings

So, post marathon, where have I taken my medal out to?! It’s not something I ever thought I would do, but…

I took my medal into the office on my first day back, the Wednesday. Colleagues were so supportive of me finishing and asked to see it. A few of us went out for lunch and I decided to take it with me then, because…well why not?!

On the Saturday after the marathon, I went to Southampton v Bournemouth where I met up with my brother. As he’d helped and supported me during the marathon, I took the marathon to show him but then decided to wear it “as a lucky charm.” Due to still having bad blisters and not being able to wear anything other than flip flops, I wore my marathon Oofos too. I was on Match of the Day, but you couldn’t see the medal.

I’ve no plans to take it anywhere else and can’t believe I’ve taken it anywhere at all, but there we go! I’ve not really worn my finisher t-shirt, however after my #FinishForMatt miles on Sunday, I decided to wear it with some comfortable clothes to chill out for the rest of the day.

To view the video of my marathon experience itself, click here to go to YouTube.

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