Stage rallying at Abingdon

Having never driven at Abingdon, and only co-driven once for Matt, we decided to head there again this year. It’s one of our most local rallies and given it was a round of both championships we’re doing (ASEMC/AEMC and ACSMC) it was a good opportunity to try and pick up some championship points.

All signing on and scrutineering takes place on Saturday, so we headed over on Saturday afternoon and got ourselves all sorted. It was by far and away the biggest class I’ve ever competed in with 40 competitors in Class A, thanks in part to 22 classic Minis also partaking in the event as a round of their championship.

We’d had brake issues (i.e. a lack of brakes…) the last time we competed at Abingdon but have upgraded things since, and whilst it was a warm day, we were hoping the Micra would put up with the heat. We had solid stages, and nothing too spectacular to report; I was trying to keep it neat and tidy but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the class pace. There were people around me though all trading times, so plenty to try for!

Going into the final two stages, I was tied on time with a Ford Fiesta in our class. A push on from me and I pulled 30 seconds ahead of him on the last two stages, which was good. The event was the inter-association stage rally and I was part of one of two AEMC teams entered. The AEMC B team came 1st overall, and we came 2nd, so a good result!

We finished 10th in class which was better than I could have hoped for at the start of the day, although I’d have liked to have been a little more on the class pace. More commitment through the corners is needed really, but good to know what I need to work on in the future. I remember hitting a hole at one point and pleased everything seemed ok, but afterwards it did become apparent I’d bent a wheel when we got back into service.

We’re not planning on competing on any stage rallies for a couple of months now, but have two to marshal on instead.

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