Marshalling at the Festival of Speed

For the last 12 years plus, I’ve marshalled on the rally stage on the Friday at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. I’ve only missed one year, which was 2017; the FoS date changed thanks to the F1, and I had an existing commitment which couldn’t be changed.

We stay in Rustington and did the same again this year (with our normal chip shop dinner on the beach!), and had an easy drive in to Goodwood on Friday morning. Having signed on and collected our white overalls, we were ready for the day.

Other than one driver deciding the stop line and clear “stop” signage didn’t apply to him, our time on the stop line was very much run of the mill with nothing too exceptional to report. At the end of the day with overalls etc returned, we headed home without our normal stop for pizza in Midhurst. The traffic was kind, and we were home just after 9pm ready for the weekend ahead and having given a very little back to our beloved sport.


Waiting to start our marshalling duties.


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