Autotesting and BBQing

Oxford MC run an annual autotest and BBQ and if we’re about, it’s always a good event to get to. In 2017 the event was dry for the first 20 minutes before the heavens opened and we all slipped and slided around the field and tried not to get stuck. Given the recent warm spell, the weather forecast was much better for this year.

Having lent my brother Mark our car on the Oxford MC PCA last year, he now has a road car that he can compete in too and he had also entered the event, his first grass autotest and only his second event on his own. Mum was roped in to ensure someone could keep an eye on Elouise, my five year old niece, and so we were all set for a fun family day out. Matt was away the night before and thought he would just make it back in time to enter; he arrived one minute after the event started but as I’d been through scrutineering etc, he signed on quickly and was able to join in.

The event was a complete contrast to 2017 with sunshine and dust rather than mud and rain, and I felt like my first test went well. I had managed to jog around the test before starting, but didn’t manage to walk any of the later ones but it didn’t seem to cause me too many issues. The handbrake was working nicely and I felt like I was driving ok.

My times seemed to be reasonable, but finding out Mark was only a few tenths behind me really spurred me on in the afternoon for the final two tests, having enjoyed the BBQ. I pulled out a few seconds on Mark, but wasn’t quick enough to challenge Matt who won the autotest overall. I finished up 4th in class and 9th overall but most importantly, had a fun and cheap competitive day of grassroots motor sport with friends and family.

Photos thanks to Tim Green.

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