A soggy day marshalling

After all the weeks with a recent heatwave, when it came to marshalling at Bovington for the stage rally things had definitely turned! Whilst we only marshalled on the Saturday of the two day rally, I understand things were worse on the Sunday but the Saturday still meant full waterproofs all day with a mixture of constant drizzle to heavy rain.

Our marshalling point was between a 90 left and a 90 right bend and the changing conditions made it interesting. Nobody went off where we were, or even spun, but there were definitely some moments with some more spectacular than others. As it got wetter, it was noticeable how much quicker the four wheel drive cars were compared to the Escorts so it was no surprise to see at the end of Sunday, with wetter conditions, that a four wheel drive had taken the overall win.

We might compete at Bovington later in the year but in the meantime, it was good to be out marshalling and giving a little something back. With Saints playing at home on the Sunday, I stayed down south which worked out well and was a good weekend combining motor sport and football.

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