AutoSOLO’ing at Wethersfield

I thought it had been a while since I’d done one of the Anglia Motor Sports Club (AMSC) Autotests or AutoSOLOs, and looking back my last one was April 2014, so there’d definitely been a bit of a gap.

Matt had arranged a surprise weekend away as the event was on our wedding anniversary, so it wasn’t quite such an early start on the day which was a bonus. Scrutineered, signed on and having had a bacon roll we walked the tests. They were all quite straightforward (and numbered which helps!) but looked tight and technical in places.

Because Wethersfield has lots of space, the event runs with four different tests set up and you complete one test before moving to the next one. This is good in terms of flow, but I definitely found it hard to keep “re-learning” each test. I’ve not done many of these events in recent years but the ones I have done you get to do the test more than once in quick succession which helps so I’m a little out of practise. Thankfully, I didn’t get any wrong routes on the day but I did pick up a cone penalty.

The AMSC events have a “all runs to count” rule which is different from the events I normally do (where you can drop your worst run) so it’s important to do clean runs and not make mistakes so one cone penalty over the whole day is not too disappointing. Photos and videos aren’t allowed at Wethersfield so none to share from the day, but it was good to be back out competing before a couple of events driving and one event marshalling in September currently planned.

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