Sideways at Debden

Having not competed at Debden for a long time, the return came less than two months after my recent visit. Once again it was for a targa rally, in the MG with Matt and both driving/navigating for each other.

The tests were similar to our previous visit, but tighter in places; there were places where using the handbrake helped (as the surface was loose) but also places where I wouldn’t have been able to get round without the handbrake as it was very tight.

The event once again used codeboards but they were a little easier to spot than the previous event, apart from when I knew one was there but lost sight of it in the dust having done a hairpin right just in front of it!

I felt happier and more comfortable in the car than last time and enjoyed the gravel, but it was an event that never really “clicked” for me; if you’ve competed you probably know the feeling, some days you try but it just doesn’t seem to quite flow or feel right, and it was one of those days for me. There were a couple of mistakes when I was navigating for Matt that lost us a little time, which was also frustrating and cost us some time.

To finish the day 3rd in class as a driver was a pleasant surprise, matching my previous result and being better than how the day felt. Seat time is definitely valuable and this targa is one of a run of events we’ve entered in both the MG and Micra, so hopefully more to come.

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