Targa class win at Wethersfield

I’d last won my class on a Targa on 13th November 2011 so it had taken nearly seven years for me to win my class again as a driver, but finally it happened!

Winning my class all those years ago in a borrowed car meant I’d moved up to the “Master” class, as someone who had won a class. I sat in that class for five years without ever being near the front, before dropping down a class. After almost two years there, I won the class…

For this event we used Muriel (the Micra). It had turned out that I’d broken a front strut on the Wethersfield Stages, so having had to buy a new pair of front struts (with a slightly different design), this was an opportunity to shake the car down.

Matt drove first and didn’t seem to have much grip so I was a little apprehensive, but I went out and was happy with the car. The confidence I’d found in her on the stage rally was still there and I was happy with my pace.

One of the key things for me was keeping clean and tidy, and that I managed to do. Matt was finding some pace and we were trading times and I was really enjoying driving Muriel, especially her being a little smaller than the MG for twisting and turning through cones.

Coming to the last loop of tests, Matt had pipped back a few seconds on me and was slightly ahead. Having looked at the results, I had over 60 seconds ahead of the person second in class and so decided not to try as hard on the last loop, whereas Matt needed to really try to get a good result as possible.

The end result was a class win for me and 15th overall, 1 min 42 seconds ahead of 2nd in class. Matt was 3rd in class and 12th overall, just 18 seconds ahead of me. This year has proved for me how valuable seat time is as I’m now regularly trading times with Matt, so I’m looking forward to seeing what future events bring!

Photos courtesy of M&H Photography


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