Rescued from the Rushmoor Targa…

The 18th November had two events on that we wanted the enter; our original plan had been the Bovington Stages, to give Matt a chance to drive on a stage rally in 2018, and then Farnborough District Motor Club announced a new Targa Rally at Rushmoor. We decided to enter the Targa as it was a little closer to home, and it would be good to try a new venue.

Whilst it was an early start, an event just 75 minutes from home is quite a novelty for us. We arrived, set-up and as Car 1 (Matt driving first), made sure we were ready to get going as soon as the crew briefing was over. Up to the line we went, and through the first two tests; slippy and challenging but enjoyable.

It was then my turn, and I was around 20 seconds up on Matt. More seat time in 2018 has improved both confidence (and aggression!) so I was pleased to be on the pace following the targa rally two weeks prior and more events in 2018. I think this time had me around the top five overall.

We went out for the second run, and Matt completed the first test around a second off my earlier time. We pulled up for the second test, were counted down by the marshals, pulled away for a split second and “bang.” Lots of smoke, and no drive.

Having been concerned it could be the gearbox, it turned out it was “just” the driveshaft. Whilst we had a spare with us, it proved challenging to change and so we called a friend who kindly came with a trailer and brought us home; one downside of driving the car itself to events.

A day of what could have beens; good pace, but a frustrating early bath and just two tests for me to enjoy driving on.

Photos by M&H Photography.


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