Autotesting, thanks to Facebook

“How to find entries” seems to be a common theme in motorsport, and we discovered a new event to try over the festive break thanks to social media. Cannock & District Car Club advertised their Stuff the Turkey Christmas Autotest at Curborough on Facebook, we saw it, entered, and the rest is history.

Curborough is around 90 minutes from home for us on a good run, so closer than many of the events we do in East Anglia. We had both taken leave between Christmas and New Year and this event seemed a good way of blowing off the cobwebs and still enjoying competing.

The tests used two sections of the sprint track as well as the paddock and Matt and I were both feeling quite competitive with each other. On the first test I overcooked the final hairpin thanks to using the handbrake and lost time, and then clipped a cone on the next test. Those two incidents combined cost me over 10 seconds, and without any test times being dropped, they proved costly for my final result.

After that, Matt and I were either setting the same time on tests, or I was one second ahead of him, or he one second ahead of I. This led to some healthy in-car competition and with it being a Production Car Autotest, passengers had to be carried, meaning it was one of the first autotests we had done with the other person alongside.

It was a good event with Matt finishing 2nd in class and myself 7th; “what could have been” again for me as the pace was there, just not the accuracy! I still came away with an award (a massive box of chocolates) and hope to get back to Curborough to compete again this year.


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