2019 Results

4th January – Boundless 12 Car – 2nd in class, 3rd overall (driving)

26/27th January – The Carpetbagger (DNF, retired, navigating for Rich)

16th February – VSSC Pomeroy Trophy – 2nd in class, 11th overall (109 starters)

28th February – Sevenoaks & District MC Scatter – 1st overall (navigating)

2nd March – Bath MC Bath Festival Targa Rally – 2nd in class, 4th Clubman, 19th overall (navigating for Luis Gutierrez-Diaz)

17th March – Farnborough District Motor Club Bramley Targa Rally – 8th in class, 37th overall (navigating) and 7th in class, 29th overall (driving)

31st March – Chelmsford MC Javalin’s Jumbo Targa Rally – 8th in class, 9th overall (navigating) and 13th in class, 24th overall (driving)

19th May – Kings Lynn MC Wethersfield Targa – 6th in class, 8th overall (navigating) and 11th in class, 15th overall (driving)

1st/2nd June – Bath MC RPS Autocross, Long Newnton – 4th in class, 30th overall

30th June – Wickford AC Midsummer Debden Targa Rally – 8th in class, 12th overall (navigating) and 13th in class, 20th overall (driving)

20th July – BARC SW Gurston Down Hillclimb – 11th in class, 106th overall

10th August – MCAC AutoSOLO – 2nd in class, 8th overall

8th September – AMSC Wethersfield Stage Rally – 4th in class, 23rd overall (co-driving)

15th September – MMKMC Summer Slalom – 5th in class, 10th overall

3rd November – Chelmsford MC Bonfire Targa Rally – 10th in class, 12th overall (navigating) and 18th in class, 24th overall (driving)

10th November – Farnborough District MC Rushmoor Targa Rally – OVERALL WINNERS! 1st in class, 1st overall (navigating) and 2nd in class, 5th overall (driving)

16th/17th November – South Hams MC Harvest Rally – 4th in class, 8th overall (National B Rally), 16th Overall (National B and Clubmans combined, navigating)

1st December – WSMC Foxborough Hills Car Trial – 11th in class, 25th overall

29th December – SCMC Rushmoor Stage Rally – 2nd in class, 28th overall (driving)