Driving on a 12 Car

Having finished our 2018 competitive season on 30th December, our 2019 competitive season commenced on 4th January; not much of a break!

I persuaded Matt to navigate for me as he would be classed as a Novice, whereas on Boundless events I’m classed as an Expert (Boundless have you as an Expert after one class win, and the one and only time I tried to navigate as an Expert it all went horribly wrong!).

The start was just under an hour from home and we got there in reasonable time to sign on and get ready. Then, it was time to head off. Matt hadn’t navigated for over a year on a 12 Car so as always it takes a little time to get back into juggling maps, timecards, plotting the route, doing the maths etc.

We felt like we were having a good night, and the timecard showed how many code boards we should be collecting in each section and we seemed to have them all. We got to the finish and found ourselves finishing second in class and third overall, finishing on 0 fails and 26 minutes. Our time lost on the night was really due to plotting, but we wouldn’t have found enough time to creep up to second on the night so a very good night from our perspective, close to home and a good result to commence 2019.


screenshot 2019-01-20 at 10.27.27

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