Scatter win!

Matt and I both miss competing on scatters locally, and so a day off for me and Matt working in London (meaning he could get the train out to Kent) saw us enter the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club event. There aren’t any clubs near us running scatters, hence having to travel.

We decided I would navigate, which would be good practise, but the thing I always find hardest on a scatter is picking a good route and it being as efficient as possible. The idea of a scatter is that you’re given a number of clues which you have to plot, and then you drive to these points to find answers to clues at those locations. These are “scattered” over a map, hence the name, and you “just” have to be back at the finish venue by a set time.

I decided we would head West first to pick up a few “outliers” for valuable points, before using an A road to get us to the East side of the map and start, where more clues were located. This worked well, although one wrong call from me did lead to us passing over a clue as we should have been on a local road underneath the bridge!

I was a little concerned we arrived back at the pub a little too early (six minutes in hand) but there were no obvious other clues to collect, and there was a location we’d visited but couldn’t find the answer.

When results were announced, we found we were first overall which was a pleasant surprise, and a welcome result! I’ve won a few scatters as a driver but never as a navigator, so it was good to pick up a win in the left hand seat.

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