A new Targa for us… Bramley

Last year we were on holiday when Farnborough ran the Bramley Targa for the first time, but this year we were around and in our entries went in our MG ZR. The venue is a little over 75 minutes from home making it a more local event for us.

We were double driving, and didn’t quite know what to expect! Having recently bought a trailer, it was our first event using it and travelling together was an added bonus.

Scrutineered, signed on etc and it was time for us to start as we were car 3. The tests were tight, all first or second gear, but clear and easy to see where we were going. They were very slippery, with mud and leaves. Matt drove first and then it was my turn. We were both struggling with a lack of grip and a handbrake that wasn’t reliable or working properly; the car wasn’t giving much confidence but we were not too sure why, we just knew we were both finding it a little bit of a battle and it wasn’t really flowing.

On Matt’s second loop of tests, we had a little “moment” (no photographs exist!). We ended up 90 degrees to the road, nose down in a ditch… not ideal. The test had to be stopped (sorry everyone) as we were blocking it. My biggest relief was that we didn’t roll, as it was a carbon copy of a roll I once had with a tank slapper before going off, but this time luck was on our side.

We thought we were going to need a tow but some creative, woodland engineering worked and we got out with the help of many marshals. We pulled out of the way so the test could restart and it seemed we’d got away with it; a damaged bonnet, bent spot light bracket etc but no damage to the radiator. We drove out of the test and carried on; lady luck was on our side!

We didn’t have much time in service before my run, and so it was the lunch break before we tried to straighten things out (a tree and a ratchet strap did the job!). There was nothing too spectacular to talk about; I picked up more cone penalties than I’ve ever received before but things were going ok.

We finished up with 7th in class, 29th overall with me driving and 8th in class, 37th overall with Matt driving and me navigating as well as taking home the best mixed crew award. One of those days that luck was on our side, and we were extremely grateful to get a finish!

Photos by M&H Photography.

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