Another Targa at Wethersfield

After many weeks without competing, thanks to a fantastic holiday and the London Marathon, it was time to get back in the driver and navigator seats and head to Wethersfield.

We were using the MG which had been fixed after it’s misdemeanours at the March event. Matt had run the car and tested it, but this was the first real strain it was going to be put under since.

The first loop of tests went well, but Matt took quite a bit of time out of me. I didn’t feel quite “match fit;” I wasn’t pushing the car (or myself) in the way I know I can. However, things picked up on the second run and Matt and I were trading seconds between us so I felt happier.

My first run had left me languishing down the leaderboard (27th), but with my times improving, I was climbing my way up. There were no real moments of any note, with the exception of a cone penalty in the final loop. Most of the time you know if you’ve hit a cone, but on this occasion, I genuinely have no idea what or where I’ve hit something to receive the ten second penalty.

Matt and I continued to trade times, and I finished up 11th in class and 15th overall as a driver, out of 75 starters and 63 finishers. Matt finished 6th in class and 8th overall with me in the left hand seat, so not a bad set of results for us.

Andy Manston couldn’t be at the event, so this time there aren’t any images to share. Hopefully next time there will be!


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