Midsummer Debden Targa Rally

The Wickford AC targa rally came on a busy weekend for East Anglian motorsport. Matt and I marshalled on Chelmsford MC’s East Anglian Classic on the Saturday, which was a long day (three hours to get to our first test, and then hours in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees after a dash across Norfolk for our second location).

Unfortunately I think the targa rally is one of those days better off forgotten, with a mixture of some interesting results and penalties, the trailer needing a tyre changed on the way home followed by a taxi driver managing to drive into the trailer causing damage. If things come in threes, I’m going to count those as my three!

The positives are that having had to have some injections last week, I had them in my right arm not my left. This is important because Debden requires a LOT of handbrake turns, more than any other venue/event I compete at, and the injections therefore didn’t impact anything. Other positives are it was a beautiful sunny day, there were proper toilets (not portaloos) and I got to catch up with friends. Onto the next event!

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