Bonfire Targa Rally

After nearly six weeks without competing for me, it was time to head back to Wethersfield for a Targa Rally in our MG ZR. I was navigating for Matt, and he was navigating for me as per usual.

Having used some 1B tyres ineffectively in the cold and damp/wet at the Gurston Down hillclimb, and having been told there was some standing water, we opted to go for our 1A tyres for the first loop of tests thinking with more tread we would have more grip. Unfortunately, the test times showed this was a mistake and we both spent the rest of the day trying to make up lost time from the first loop having switched to the 1Bs.

There was nothing too spectacular or key of note, just trying to make up as much time as possible in our last targa of the year in the MG (next week we’re competing at Rushmoor but have swapped to the Micra as we’re doing the stage rally there in December). More seat time was good, and we enjoyed the day, just not the best results we’ve had!

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