Trialling the new car

Matt and I recently acquired a new car, and what better way to test it than entering it into a motorsport event! I didn’t see the car until the day before the event, I sat in it for the first time on the morning of the event as it came off the trailer and drove it for the first time when I drove it to a test. Whilst it runs, it really is a bit of a shed (and smelly inside!) but to have a car that we didn’t truly worry about was good.

There had been a lot of rain before the event and people were getting stuck in the paddock when we arrived, which there was absolutely nothing the organisers could do about apart from blocking off the boggiest bits, which they did. We unloaded near the entrance (which itself was up an interesting white) as having seen 4X4s getting stuck, we knew we had no chance in our front wheel drive tow car.

As a non-road legal car, we were in a class with various modified cars. The Rover 25 is, in reality, a bit big and long for a car trial and we were towed and winched many times during the day, often ended up stuck on the “belly” of the car. However, being out competing was good (although I’m not convinced about having to push Matt and being covered in mud!). We’re going to hang onto it for one more car trial and then it will be time to move it on.

Thanks to the organising club for some of these images.

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