Whilst the husband is away…

…the cat will play!

With Matt away on a work trip, the opportunity to go to Essex for a 12 Car was tempting and with Lucy Fryer free, we decided to team up and formed the first all female crew on a Chelmsford MC 12 Car for many years.

The M25 was kind (it was closed but after I’d passed through!) and I had plenty of time to get petrol and dinner, as well as the normal scrutineering, signing on checks etc.

Lucy is a very good navigator, so I was hoping I would be up to scratch as it is a team game! She may have a different viewpoint, but I think I listened fairly well all evening; we seemed to be picking up code boards and it didn’t take too long for us to settle into a rhythm.

We had a few moments of double checking/sense checking but saw few other crews and had what felt a reasonable night, although we knew we had dropped a little time.

We finished 2nd in class and 3rd overall, which was a great way to start our competing together and a very good result. Hopefully, we might get to do another event together in the future and may find some fellow female crews!

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