That winning feeling

Three events in eight days – it was a busy week!

Having navigated for Mike on a Scatter and had Matt navigate for me on a 12 Car, it was my turn to navigate for Matt on a 12 Car.

It was one of those weeks that had been extremely busy and I wasn’t truly feeling competing on the Friday evening. I’ve had it before, and they’ve ended up being the best nights and this one proved to be no exception!

It was our first SOCC event and having signed on, we were ready to go. The first lot of navigation just clicked, as did the next section, and the next section. Nights where everything clicks feel rare! It was all going well, until a particular lay-by where I just couldn’t get the next section to work. I tried, and tried, but was convinced I had been too slow and had cost us a good night. I got it down eventually, but it had cost us many minutes.

We got back to the pub where the club had put a buffet on, and it was results time. We were first! A real relief having thought I’d been too slow at plotting, and a great team effort. Matt commented on how well it had gone, my confidence and my improvement in map calling. I’ve always been able to do it, but the more events, the more knowledge and experience grows and maybe, just maybe, it’s starting to show. It was one of my most enjoyable events on the maps in a long time, especially having been disappointed with some minor mistakes costing the win the week before with Mike on the Scatter.

I really enjoyed the 12 Car, and with the benefit of hindsight I’m so glad we did three events in eight days with three different crew combinations, because little did we know how much things would change with lockdown and competing again is currently an unknown prospect.

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