On the reserve list…

During Covid-19, we’ve found event entry lists fill up quicker than ever – often within minutes. We’d missed entries opening for the Harrow Car Club sprint, and by the time we entered we were both reserves. We were contacted by the Entries Secretary and asked if only one of us had an accepted place, who would compete, and we decided Matt as we were using the event as a shakedown for the Micra before a stage rally the following weekend.

Of course, this became the reality! As I was first reserve and the car was going to be at the event, we decided I would still turn up but that I would take my car in-case I had the option to go home again. I signed on and did everything I needed to in advance so if a space became available I was signed on and ready to go.

Just as I started to walk the course, the Entries Sec found me and said – you’re in! Someone had become ill overnight and someone else had found their car would not start coming off the trailer. I walked the course, changed and then it was time for me to compete.

My runs went well in practice, with me sitting second in class behind a Davrian with Matt third in class. I was finding more time each run, especially as the timed runs start. Going into the final timed run, I was leading the class (first time on a sprint!) and found nearly a second. Unfortunately, me leading only seemed to fire Matt up and he found pace that hadn’t been there earlier in the day and took the class win by 0.73 seconds with me in second, and the Davrian 0.81 seconds behind me.


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