Co-driving at Down Ampney

Our third event of 2021 was a stage rally, and this time I was in the co-driver seat.

Once again, entries were popular but we managed to be quick enough and secure our place. Our class was a reasonable size, with ten finishers. We both had to work hard for the result and 2nd in class was pleasing, with a 37 second gap to the crew behind in class.

The venue required masks at all times (or balaclavas) and I don’t always wear a balaclava these days, so on a warm day that took a little getting used to but was an easy thing to have to do in order to get to compete! Last year, we bought a new car so we could be self-sufficient towing and this was the first time we’d got to use it for the Micra. The new set up worked well and was much easier, which will be good for future events.

Thank you to the provider of the on stage photos – unfortunately I can’t find a record of who this was.


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