Autocrossing the Golf

Having given the Golf it’s Autocross debut in 2020, it was time to take it to Long Newnton near Tetbury. It’s only a few miles from my parents’ house which makes it rather handy given it is a two day event.

We travelled down on the Friday evening and left the trailer and Golf at the venue ready for Saturday. The Golf is fun to drive, but behind standard she really has to be worked to try and get anything out of her. My Saturday runs were “ok” but nothing special. Sunday was completely different; rain had left the track rather slick and I was struggling to get much out of her, aside from a spin early into my first run.

Thankfully, it dried up (as did the course!) and it got quicker on Sunday. I finished Sunday eight seconds quicker than my best Saturday run, which was at least some improvement.

Photo thanks to Matt and Paul Morris Photography.


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