Another week, another car – the Flying Fortress Stages

Having enjoyed the Flying Fortress in 2020, we decided to return. Once again it was an event where you had to be quick to get an entry, but we made it onto the list as did some friends which always make for a better (more sociable!) day.

Whilst it had been warm in 2020, this year it felt absolutely scorching! Class A, which is where we run in the Micra, was popular again with some quick cars. As this was mine and Matt’s second attempt as a crew doing the event, we at least knew what to expect and seemed to be on the pace from the start which was good.

We couldn’t quite match our 2nd in class from the year before, but we finished 3rd (10 starters) and only 18 seconds off 2nd so still a good pace. It felt more sociable (more “normal”) and we didn’t have the car dramas of the year before, which helped!


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