First time at the Hatsford Targa

With less events running, we have been trying some new events and Hatsford was one of them. A popular targa rally based in Herefordshire on grass, with the MG still out of action we had changed our entry to the MG.

We spoke to friends both in advance and on the day to find out what to expect. There were lots of passage checks (stopping for a marshal to sign our time card) and clever use of the farmyard and linking fields together.

It was a very wet morning and we made it into the service area ok (some got stuck!), and after a slightly tense time at scrutineering (we were not alone on that front) we headed off to the first test. The wet conditions proved challenging and we caught an MX5 who was getting stuck pulling away from controls, before we ourselves struggled to make it from the last cone to the stop astride finish – which we also struggled to pull away from!

The organisers sensibly made some small adjustments to the tests and as the day went on, the course dried out which helped. Along with many other crews, we were confused with some loops around piles of conifers at the start of an afternoon test and picked up a wrong side. This was a shame as we knew it looked tricky, had gone through the map and tried to watch those in front but still got it wrong!

We finished the day 4th in class and 18th overall which was good, having picked up a few penalties and had a spin.

Photos by M&H Photography.

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