Walkabout winners

South Oxon Car Club organised a “virtual walkabout” during one of the lockdowns (completed via google street view), but now it was time for a real walkabout around Abingdon. I don’t know the town and have only ever been to Dalton Barracks for the stage rally.

We were given a set of clues/questions including directions, a sheet of riddles and a list of treasure to find for bonus points and off we went. It was similar to the event we did a couple of months ago with Boundless, and again some clues were easy and some seemed very hard to find!

Some people do these for fun, but I do have a competitive nature so it’s always a bit of a game of trying to find the answer but not necessarily highlighting it to others taking part – but then when everyone is struggling, everyone tends to help each other out.

We felt we made it back to the finish pub in good time, with nearly all questions answered, riddles (hopefully!) solved and some treasure collected.

We were pleased to win the event, although it does now mean we’re organising in 2022!

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